“Wheel Aerobics” is GREAT for building endurance.  This fitness system is perfect for both individual and group use!  It is amazing to see and use.

What we are offering…

We are available to GYMS, BUSINESSES, CHURCHES or ORGANIZATIONS, whose clients, members or employees want to get in shape and feel great!  We will come to your facility and teach a “Wheel Aerobics” class for a minimum of 10 participants.

We will also help you START a “Wellness” Program utilizing the Wheel Aerobics system for a Minimal Fee. When you invite us, a staff of 2 certified trainers, one male and one female, will teach you how to use this system.

(We will provide the Abdominal Training Wheels for up to 50 participants per session)

Wheel Aerobic System Minimal Fee
Standard Meal Plan FREE
Certified Personal Trainer Q & A session FREE
(1) Demonstration/Session  FREE

NOW is the time!!!

This is your chance to get in shape, build up you endurance and participate with a group of your peers so you don’t feel alone.

What are you waiting for???

This is it! An affordable way to fulfill your dream of losing weight AND you don’t have to do it alone.

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