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Need some motivation to get started on the fitness road?

Terry’s Personal Training Service is here to help you kick start your weight loss.  Terry, as a personal trainer, is interested in helping the WHOLE you.

Now is the time to achieve the “Fit” body you want to achieve whether it is specifically core work or an entire toned physique.

Training Sessions

Workout Plan

Personal Training 1 Day Session

Personal Training 3 times a week

Core Training Session           
Includes Evaluation and Basic



Advance Training Program
Includes Core, Weight Training
and Muscle Toning



Diet and Nutritional Program      
Personalized and printed

150.00 (flat fee)


Team Up To Train                         
You and a partner/ friend
Core Training Session
Include Evaluation and Basic



Advance Training/ Partner            
You and a partner/ friend
Core, Weight Training,
And Muscle Toning



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